Calling All Trailblazers.

Camp PolyHacks 3.0

January 18–19, 2019 @ SLO Hot House

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What is Camp PolyHacks?

Camp PolyHacks is a student-run, multidisciplinary hackathon dedicated to social entrepreneurship and human-centered design.

Over two days, Cal Poly students of all backgrounds work in teams to ideate, design, pitch, and market their solution to a problem facing the community. It’s a Learn by Doing marathon of collaboration, learning, and creativity.

Two years of PolyHacks in numbers




28 mentors
from 12 company booths

in prizes



Let’s put our heads together to build solutions to Planet Earth's toughest problems! 🌎 Consider energy conservation, environmental awareness, and disaster response.


A critical human rights issue for the past decade. Let's leverage technology to help share knowledge for everyone, everywhere. 📚 Think Khan Academy, personal budgeting, or education across the globe with limited Internet.


Inclusivity and Accessibility tech enables high-achieving and high-performing design. 🚀 Dive into Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Text to Speech, and more to help everyone live their lives more fully.

Camper Kit

Camper Kit includes trails, challenges, mentors, and resources.


Full Schedule

Friday, January 18th 2019

5:00 PM
Check In

6:00 PM

6:30 PM
Kickoff + Keynote

7:30 PM
Team Formation

7:45 PM
Hacking Begins

8:00 PM
Ideation Hour

Saturday, January 19th 2019

12:00 AM
Midnight Meal

1:00 AM
Hand Lettering Workshop

1:30 AM
Intro to Django Workshop

2:00 AM
Marshmallow Challenge

3:30 AM
Smash Tournament

4:00 AM

7:00 AM

9:00 AM
Mentor Hour

10:00 AM
Customer Interviews/Development Workshop and Challenge

11:00 AM
App Reenvisioning Challenge by CPUX

12:00 PM

2:00 PM

3:00 PM
Hot Cocoa Bar

4:00 PM
Mentor Hour

6:00 PM

6:30 PM
Tech Check

7:00 PM

9:00 PM
Closing Ceremony and Prizes

Keynote Speaker

Nancy Dickenson

User Experience Design & Research for Apple, Google, PayPal, more; Founder of Dickenson LLC; Teacher of UX Leadership and Strategy seminars for The Nielsen Norman Group.

Our Focus

Problem Solving

Camp PolyHacks is a Learn By Doing experience. We encourage campers of all levels to step outside of their comfort zone to learn new skills and tackle problems head-on.

Multidisciplinary Teams

This hackathon goes beyond coding. Designers, entrepreneurs, and developers work together in teams to unite skill sets, experiences, and perspectives to execute ideas — just as you would in the workforce.

Social Entrepreneurship

We believe in using technology for good. Camp PolyHacks informs campers about important problems in the community and this is a platform to solve them.

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When and where is Camp PolyHacks?

This year’s hackathon will kick off on Friday, January 18 at 5 PM. We’ll be hacking until the awards ceremonies the next day, Saturday, January 19, at 9 PM. The entire event is hosted at the SLO HotHouse, the downtown entrepreneurship space right above Ross.

Who can attend Camp PolyHacks?

All current Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo students are welcome!

How much does it cost?

Camp PolyHacks is 100% free!

What should I expect on the day of the event?

At Camp PolyHacks, you’ll collaborate with a team to build something to help solve a problem our community faces. Expect a fast-paced environment with lots of learning, support, and teamwork. We will also provide unlimited free food and drinks, helpful company mentors and resources, and exciting activities to take a break from hacking. A more detailed schedule will be released in the weeks before the event, so check back soon!

How do I sign up for Camp PolyHacks?

Applications for our 2019 event have already closed. Check back next fall for updates about Cam PolyHacks 4.0!

Do I need to be an experienced coder?

Not at all! We welcome campers of all backgrounds and experience levels. This is your time to learn something new.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your laptop, chargers, creative tools, and whatever else you might need to whip up a cool new product. You will also need sleeping bags and travel materials if you’re staying overnight. Most importantly, don’t forget your A-game!

Will I be able to sleep during the hackathon?

Yes, there will be places available for teams to rest at the HotHouse overnight.

How do I form teams, and how big can each team be?

Teams can be up to 8 people and must have at least 1 hustler, hacker, and hipster. If you don’t have a team yet, that’s okay! There will be time to find one on Friday before the hacking begins.

Help! I have another question that wasn’t answered here.

Check out our Facebook page here to see if we’ve posted the answer already. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us at!

Meet the Team

Rutu Samai
Lead Director

Diane Hahn
Design + Tech Director

Celestine Co
Sponsorship Director

Brooke Panian
Marketing Director

Jim Heald
Event + Experience Director

Kristen Nagamatsu
Design + Tech

Javier Garcia
Design + Tech

Samantha Magtoto

Eric Zhou

Kellie Banzon

Rachel Hsieh
Event + Experience

Arun Shriram
Event + Experience

Aviral Kukreja
Event + Experience

Sriteja Vemula
Event + Experience

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